Software Development Outsourcing: the Best Way to Make an App Idea Come True

Our software agency has a team of experienced developers, designers and IT experts, professionals in the industry ready to share their experience with those who are seeking the implementation of cutting-edge technology in life and business.

How to Build Business Software

If you are one of the modern entrepreneurs that can not decide, what is better to choose: internal developer team or software development outsourcing company, we share experience with you and it gives us an idea of all pros and contras.

Overview of ​​the IT industry

Before making investment decisions, you need to become familiar with the digital products creation process. Digital market offers multiple opportunities to many companies around the world and as a result, companies seek ways to revert to competitors by intensifying competition, improving productivity, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer service. Information technology can change the way companies help people achieve their goals. Software building becomes the gateway to your success, and here you have the option:

  • Outsource software development services.
  • Contract your own development team.
  • Leave this idea to the independent professional.

Outsourcing Developer

The software development outsourcing services is most often used to develop custom software for commercial purposes. The idea of ​​outsourcing means finding an external company specialized in the necessary services. You can outsource to the software developer’s company in your country called outsourcing on land, find a specialized development team abroad, outsource offshore developers. Outsourcing abroad means that there is no cultural difference and it is convenient to control activities for the same time zone, which facilitates contact, but is usually more expensive than outsourcing abroad.

Internal Team

Unlike outsourcing software development on land, foundation of internal programming team refers to the creation of new departments within the company. In the case of software development, specialized developers, designers, business analysts, QA who work in your company as full-time employees dedicated to solve internal IT problems, develop customized solutions, maintain programs, provide technical support. It means hiring experts. Unlike the subcontracted experts, they are more motivated and can be under your control at all times. However, this option is reasonable only if you are planning a long-term project or if you are providing web services such as analysis, review, etc., so that information technology is part of your activities. .


Outsourcing freelancers are the cheapest option in software development and can also be considered the most risky. When you visit a site like Upwork, you access hundreds of portfolios of independent developers. However, in the end, to obtain a high performance program, it is necessary to have multiple experts who have never worked before to participate in the project. With this method, there is no guarantee that any of the independent experts commissioned will abandon the project in the middle of the development process. In addition, the outsourcing of an independent professional will entrust the idea to an executive who looks for a clear picture of what he ultimately wants and that offers a list of specifications.

Why are you Outsourcing Software Development Instead of Hiring Internal and Autonomous Developers?

Proven business outsourcing software developers are the surest way to obtain high quality products and can be the most profitable investment for your company. You can summarize the main reasons why outsourcing is reasonable compared to internal development and self-employment.

  • Cost may not happen, but outsourcing saves you money in a long-term perspective. By hiring an internal specialist, you must make a large initial investment in the workspace, the team, the regular salary, which is completely irrational when the project ends. Outsourcing and freelance reduce payroll and other initial expenses.
  • Market time. It takes time to develop software when there are associated developers that are gathering efforts to provide the application on time. To organize our own development team, find independent independent professionals and combine their efforts, it takes more time to look for a company that has already formed a team. So you can save time to recruit, hire, train and accommodate new recruits.
  • Experience. Companies that specialize in providing software development services and doing so for more than five years can quickly access some of the best developers with the experience and common knowledge of independent professionals and internal developers. . Outsourcing agencies with high-quality organisational culture, established development processes, and project management can reduce risk.

The creation of commercial software will make your company ahead of the market. Such a serious investment must be an intentional decision. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages and find the best solution regardless of whether it is necessary to hire internal developers or subcontract a company specialized in software development.

What will we do?

As an important software company, we provide all services related to the development of applications, from mobile / Internet consulting, business analysis to UI / UX design, code creation, quality control testing, activation and maintenance.

Mobile Application

We have a team of prominent mobile application developers that can help customers participate, mobilize companies and improve remote control of employees. We offer all kinds of complex mobile applications.

  • Our iOS programmers use the latest version of Xcode's integrated development environment. This allows checking and debugging the static code at the time of editing, shortening the development time. I dominate both Objective-C and Swift, so I use native SDKs, APIs, libraries and frameworks to enrich applications with powerful functions. Since the iOS platform is known as the safest and most stable platform, it provides the best environment for the programming of commercial applications.
  • The Android development team has worked with Android Studio and Eclipse and knows how to use these rich libraries of Java and Android SDK to benefit from these IDEs. We confirm that the mobile application is superior in appearance and feel in all the devices that use this platform, arrives at the public hearing promoting the brand, attracts new potential clients. I will do it.
  • Windows with an updated mobile operating system provides a platform to unify the application creation process of all devices running the Windows 10 operating system. With a great knowledge of the Visual Studio and C ++ IDE capabilities, you can target 50 millions of Windows Mobile users.

Web Software

We are an accredited application development company. Even if you are looking for front or back web developers, our team will provide you with a high quality service. By outsourcing to our web developer, we can provide a software solution that can address all business challenges by acquiring a dedicated team of passionate software engineers and web designers familiar with a variety of web technologies. I will do it. If you are looking for:

  • Intranet and extranet to improve communication with businesses and business partners.
  • Optimisation and automation of internal processes.
  • CRM system to strengthen relationships with customers.
  • A patented database that can process data in its own way.
  • Or you can access data in real time from anywhere.

Our team provides a software solution that makes responsive and adaptable designs so that the web program you created has an excellent appearance and function with each screen size. We take advantage of the latest innovation and have enough knowledge of multiple web technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.Net, Python, PHP, CSS3, etc.

Outsourcing Development Service

The outsourcing of our software company will find reliable business partners. It helps reduce uncertainty and eliminates all questions and doubts about IT. We will help you learn how information technology increases productivity and takes business to the next level. You can meet your expectations:

Establishment of Corporate Culture

Our experience and experience consists of a team of developers and designers, with a series of values, we have created a single unit to provide digital solutions driven by top-level businesses. To work more efficiently, we use different development methodologies according to the requirements of each project. Then, if you have clear application requirements or unclear application ideas, our team and your personal project manager will define the most appropriate approach to achieve your objectives. Carefully evaluate the idea of ​​the application, plan the project, test the program within budget and time. In addition, throughout the development process, project managers can communicate regularly with clients to ensure that requirements are met.

Expert Software Developer

Our team include young talents and experienced senior developers , we will never stop learning and exploring the process. Our company is a people-centered approach that strives to create the most comfortable conditions for productive work. All team members regularly visit IT training and meetings and improve their experience to respond to evolving technology and benefit from the implementation of innovation. Our professionalism guarantees high-quality programming services and guarantees an elaborate architecture that is a stable base and a pleasant user interface for readable code, detailed program updates. Does not affect the quality of the software. This is to make it possible to run at the highest level.

Sense of Security

We are famous as the best software developer, reliable and proven company. Well-known brands and small businesses outsource development services to create customized solutions for employees and customers. We guarantee the guarantee of quality, we monitor the progress of the project, we periodically present the results requesting comments and we have all the concern about the shipping process. We trust in us as a reliable business partner in the IT industry.

Let's Talk About your Business Software!

We have provided experience of outsourced application development services for more than 8 years and we know how to meet the needs of customers from different nishes. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our company to get expert advice about your project implementation.

The outsourcing of our software company will find reliable business partners. It helps reduce uncertainty and eliminates all questions and doubts about IT. We will help you learn how information technology increases productivity and takes business to the next level. You can meet your expectations: