Recent Web Projects


Radio Option

A streaming radio app for iPhone devices

Our client, a media company and an owner of one of the largest radio station in the UK and 30+ stations in smaller markets, approached us to build a mobile application for iPhone users that could stream his radio stations. We worked with the customer’s design team to adhere to the company’s visual identity and preserve the best practices for UI/UX design. The app conveys the features of radio and also provides users access to photo galleries, blog posts and videos. Using the GPS functionality it determines the closest radio stations, but advanced search let users browse the stations by alphabetic order or city.


Best Offer

A mobile application discovering the nearby best offers

An owner of an ad agency came to our development company to make a mobile application that could enhance his advertising strategy and provide greater results to his customers. The idea of the application was to promote company’s offers in a fast and easy way to the target audience. The app lets users find information on the interesting topics due to categorised search and besides it bases the list of offers on the user’s location promoting the most nearby promotions. It allows to know more about current offers and find contact information including the address of the relevant businesses. There was also incorporated a sharing functionality that lets to share some promotions via Twitter, Facebook or Email


Local Vendor

A mobile app for the search of local service providers

In collaboration with a startup company, our developers have designed a mobile application that realised customer’s vision and brought to life his ideas. The app was developed to connect consumers with local service providers letting them negotiate and message within the app. We met client’s goals with an intuitive and robust program that lets customers search for a relevant provider viewing the ratings, reviews, and pictures that could illustrate the way the provider does his work. Push notification functionality lets both types of users to be aware of a new message in their inbox.



A mobile application that presents a guide in wine selection

Our customer is an owner of a French cuisine restaurant with a rich collection of wines. As far as our client feels all the shades of the wine taste and wanted to share his expertise with restaurant visitors all the variety of wine bouquet we were asked to build a mobile application that could work as a personal wine advisor in his restaurant wine selection. The app scans the meal barcode in the menu and offers a list of wines suitable for the particular meal. The app can also be used for an informative feature providing wine descriptions and recommended matches.



A fitness app for sports enthusiasts and amateurs

A fitness trainer and a startup business owner was aimed at the creation of the app idea which could work as a motivator for reaching the set goals via daily exercising. We developed an app with a simple registration procedure which can be accomplished with one click using a Facebook account. Users can fill in personal profiles, find friends, set goals and start working out. With the help of paid video courses created by our customer users can get fit asking for the professional advice and consultation. The user can start his or her own wellness streak or join an existing one. The app provides statistics on users progress helping to estimate the results. Those who achieved success can also share them with their friends, leave comments to other people’s posts and use other social media functionality. Push Notifications will always remind about the training session. The interface was built with AngularJS and REST API.



A restaurant ranking application

Our customer reached us to create a mobile application that will enable true ranking of the local food places. We developed an app that unites food lovers in a community of responsive advisors. The app has a rich social-networking component which enables users to open new topics and share their points of view on the best food place or a specific dish. The app has intuitive and sleek design and collects the information about all local restaurants and cafes letting their owners create place profile with pictures of the interior and the dishes, ingredients of each meal, average price, and contact information, letting users review and rank the place