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Our tema will help you to form an innovative thinking for excellent mobile applications!

We are providing enterprise-level smartphone and tablet solutions for many companies thanks to our internal team of mobile application developers with broad experience in iOS, Android, Windows phone and hybrid app development. We are one of the leading software companies in the UK. Our programmers build digital tools that integrate functionality and easy-to-use designs to optimise the internal processes of the company and provide a better customer experience.

Business Mobility

Our team has worked together with the owner of a small company and a giant company for more than 8 years. Since then, we have learned a great deal both in the various aspects of the industry and in the overall business process. We deeply understand the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs, and we know how mobile solutions can cover it.

Recruitment and training:

  • Optimisation and automation of internal processes.
  • Communication with partners and suppliers.
  • Management of clients and other tasks.

Our developers create programs that change the way people manage business and adjust all work processes to the requirements and preferences. Unlike standard software, custom software tailored to your needs can provide the functions you need and can adapt the work process to your preferences. Building such a flexible work environment promotes the business not only in potential clients but also internally. The experience of our team allows us to build a secure and efficient entry from mobile devices to work places so that staff can access company information and take risks safely anytime, anywhere,

iOS Platform

The development of iOS is one of our main objectives and is the main service of our software. Since its founding in 2010, we have developed software for this platform by taking advantage of this secure and stable operating system. Even if you need attractive applications for the iPhone and efficient tools for the iPad, our team has gained a lot of experience while providing iOS software solutions for many industries.

iOS Experience

Our programmers are familiar with both Objective-C and Apple's Swift, operate with Xcode (IDE) and benefit from all Apple and iOS tools. Our skills and experience will create an iOS program to entertain clients, inform customers, communicate with business partners and suppliers, and streamline internal management processes.

Android Operating System

Our developers also include talented Android coders who create mobile software for the most used operating systems, making them working brillianlty on numerous devices of various brands. Even if your customers own Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, other branded smartphones and tablets, you can access them with help from Google and provide a superior user experience. Our Android developers provide the creation of native Android apps as one of the leading services to achieve their goals with innovative technology.

Android Experience

Our team has enough experience in the Android SDK, such as the Java programming language, Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, etc., using the native development kit to create impressive functions and a native look and feel. We're offering. What is important and more difficult for developers is to ensure that the program includes all devices and variations on the screen. Our testers verify the mobile software during the creation process and eliminate visual errors and performance problems.

Cross Platform

Our software engineers are also experienced in the use of Xamarin and PhoneGap technology and can develop hybrid apps for mobile or cross-platform devices. Hybrid's uses a portable code written in web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. to reduce the time and cost of creating the software, while native apps use a separate code for each platform Involves writing. However, developers use some of the native technologies to provide a wider range of user characteristics and experiences. However, there is no solution for phone and tablet software development, so cross-platform apps are not as good as native ones, since the Android and iOS operating systems are very different. By creating a hybrid application, you can go to the market early, but it does not harm the quality. Sometimes, our team will do everything possible to provide better performance and experience.

Web Versus Native Versus Hybrid

In addition to native iOS, Android and cross-platform applications, there is also the option of creating a responsive and responsive web program. Web development is downloaded through browsers such as Safari and Chrome, so there are many advantages, such as not requiring storage space. They are designed with web technologies, allowing developers to get as close as possible to their original appearance. In general, the web application is designed to make use of the content and features of the website on mobile devices that can access the functions of the site at any time, at any time and at any time. However, the function of the web program is extremely restricted, it is difficult for users to discover and, in most cases, it is necessary to have an Internet connection.

Native apps are apps for mobile devices that provide the fastest, most reliable and intuitive operation for users with the most abundant functions. For example, developers can use device features such as cameras, microphones, accelerometers, compasses and audio for projects. Native software provides a more attractive user experience because users can display icons on the program's home screen and receive push notifications. The design qualities of each platform guarantee greater intuition. One disadvantage of creating native software is that it requires more time and cost because you need to write code for each operating system.

Hybrid or cross-platform apps are found between native apps and web applications. Part of the native functionality is implemented using native tools and coding, but since the central part is described by web technology, native and web encoding is necessary. In a multi-platform solution, you will probably have less time and cost resources, but if you want to guarantee a native user experience for all devices, the nature of the platform and device design. In addition, there are unavoidable errors in multiplatform solutions and not all users guarantee a similar excellent experience.

Although native software is the optimal solution for mobile devices, the creation of a hybrid or web software can degrade functionality, degrade quality and, in some cases, both have these disadvantages.

As an industry expert, developers can provide this solution, but we recommend developing native apps for mobile devices as IT experts.

Mobile Application Development Process

Our mobile application developers provide flexibility and a customer-focused approach, so that customers can work with this new one for their work environment. The software creation process is generally based on two main methodologies, "waterfall" and "agile". The first means a stable process documented with an agreed time frame and budget. The second is to provide the client with an iterative and flexible development model that can see the work program at the beginning of the development process and change it with the mobile software developer in response to the client's request. When we meet with our client, we select a model that fits more with the clarity of the budget of the project and the vision of the project by the client.

Mobile Strategy

Please, give us your idea of ​​the application. Developers not only serve as functional apps for mobile devices, but they also generate results and also work as useful ideas to achieve desirable goals. To make this possible, we will cooperate in the development of the mobile strategy to change the investment of the clients to a profitable realization. Our business analyst examines the idea of ​​the application as a business project, carefully examines the target audience, takes into account the budget of the given project and the time frame, defines the optimal performance, builds a monetization strategy. I will do it. As your business partner, we will help you maximize return on investment and achieve business objectives.

Design and Development

Our designers offer several design designs and intuitive navigation maps, which allows developers to create MVP (minimum executable product) work programs and visualization apps during the I will do operation. In cooperative work, according to the client's opinion, we will design an application that reflects your vision and provides the desired functionality combined with an easy-to-use design. Mobile devices and screen sizes are quite diverse, but they test UI and UX designs to allow apps to be seen and work on all devices used by the target audience.

QA and Launch

Our development company provides quality assurance because we understand the importance of application quality for mobile solutions. Before the developer writes the code, we begin to analyze the software project. Such in-depth analysis can eliminate serious errors and identify problems that may occur during the construction process. However, the quality control here is not over. Our QA experts will evaluate mobile applications in the stages of development and design in terms of intuitivity, smooth performance, interactivity, security and other aspects that play an important role in the success of the project. Also, once the program is created, accompany it and take all the worries about how to send it to the application store.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Mobile Application ?

It is almost impossible to confirm the cost of developing mobile apps before learning the project specification. The problem is that the developers adjust this software to their needs and desires. It takes a long time to create project goals, platforms and applications, like a custom tailor to find the amount of fabrics you need. Each project is unique and has its own cost. However, the average MVP building needs around 30,000 pounds (£ 40,000). Please, ask for details.

Hire Professional Mobile Application Developers !

The development of mobile applications requires specific skills and experience. Understanding the importance of this investment, it would be better to rely on the proven professionals who delivery hundreds of working applications. Our developers and designers have extensive experience in multiple IT project realisation for different industries and know how to achieve awesome results. You can contact our software company and get your project in time and budget.