Which Apple PC is the top choice for professional iPhone app development?

Our software development company share the iPhone's design recommendations.

How to start initiate iPhone app development

If you desire to develop the iPhone application, you require a Mac Introducing the latest programming languages ​​Xcode and Swift, the development of apps for iPhone has become much easier.

iOS programming languages

Apple every year by its computer owners to provide the process of development and distribution of iOS apps, the introduction of new versions of Xcode and iPhone SDK update. However, each Apple computer is different, so if you desire to develop a local iPhone app, consider which product to buy Mac. In 2014, Apple has launched a programming language - Swift, development specifically for iOS, which is easier than the Objective-C predecessor. Swift for iPhone app development to create a new life, which in the absence of OS X case is not possible. In addition to a deep understanding functionality of Mac computers, we will also discuss the tools needed for iPhone development agencies.

Select the best Apple computer for the development

If you have not yet decided which iPhone development computer can choose, this can become a real challenge. Apple offers a broad range laptops, each with its own features. All Macs are undoubtedly high-quality security devices and some of them offer better functionals for iOS development. Often, when Apple introduced a new model, it will reduce the price of the old iMac and MacBooks.

Your Computer Programmer

Our developers have modified our experience as a iPhone apps development agency and have provided this guide to the Apple PC that best fits the development of mobile apps. Let's introduce the computer should be the function of building a machine excellent for the app, as well as other features that make the programmer more expensive. Finally, our development agencies will carefully review the various models available today and their customization options, which may be necessary if you want to build a computer of your dreams. In addition, we recommend that you use software, teaching materials, and other useful tools to help you get started with iOS development firms.

Creating a mobile application on Mac

Apple is committed to iPhone X to provide mobile app engineering and software design process. To create two platform apps, you need install the integrated Xcode development environment for free on the App Store. There are a couple of programming languages ​​for writing apps in Xcode: Objective-C and its latest Swift extension.

Why do you require an Apple computer

To publish and distribute apps to the Apple App Store, you'll need an annual fee of $ 99 (approximately £ 60) as Apple's official development agency. On the other hand, if your only goal is to create and test the application on your personal device, instead of selling them, you do not have to pay any fees, just register the program. However, if you want to design an app for iPhone or iPad, you still need a Mac. You can not use Apple's official program to create an app on Windows or any other PC. You need a Mac because knowing that the basics are enough.

Hire a professional iPhone app development firm

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Working with iPhone and iPad developers rely on:

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Stunning and feature-rich visual applications.

The basic hardware required for programming

Many application development agencies start to think that building apps is a well-developed, cutting-edge task that takes the fastest and smartest device to Mac Pro lines. This is just a nonsense because you do not need first-class hardware and the internal one to create iOS applications. However, the importance of creating software is the display of the computer.

Coding on Mac

Coding is not an easy task because it requires you to focus on the screen and research and analysis. Software developers run multiple programs at once in a separate window: Xcode integrated environment, internet browser, text editor and other tools and services. To build an iPhone app, you will need all the features of OS X.

Mac advantages and disadvantages

All of which means you need the big monitor on a Mac or connect to the internal Apple display. Therefore, we do not recommend any MacBook series that you would like to professionally develop your app. It seems the truth: if portability is crucial, buy a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air with a Retina display and connect an external monitor when you need to use a larger monitor. But remember to buy one of the two computers, you can spend an extra amount of money on a small screen, which will probably be uncomfortable for coding.

Why the Mac Mini is the Development Companies’ Choice

Most iPhone developers do not require all the top-notch Pro version features, so the Mac Mini can be assigned to an external monitor or iMac. The price of the mini model starts at £ 479, providing enough functionality and hard disk memory to meet the needs of mobile developers, making it the best value. The main disadvantage of the beforementioned model is that it does not appear, so you need to buy one separately.

Application development: Choose yourself

One of the most common ideas of the Mac mini is to connect it to old screens, mice and keyboards so you can use first-class Apple products at no extra cost. However, the application developers of Magora recommend using a large screen, otherwise the screen will be narrow in coding - the Apple's 27-inch Thunderbolt monitor is the perfect choice. The price is up to £ 899, so it depends on your business budget. For example, there are a variety of other 27-inch screens that cost less than £ 200 for other manufacturers. In addition, programmers opt to use two smaller screens, joining them.

Do I need a powerful computer or the basic computer?

The answer depends on the complexity of the app you want to develop. The model extends from basic MacBooks to powerful Mac advantage. If your goal is to learn the basics of iOS and bring your firstclass app to market, any Apple computer will do so. Even if you are an experienced freelancer iOS development form wants to design a simple iPhone app, you can operate on any desired computer (even one of the old models).

Developing iPhone apps is not about writing music or creating videos - writing code, you do not need a lot of hard disk memory, a powerful graphics card or a very fast processor. In short, any Mac will do well. So choosing a Mac is a budget issue that best fits our programming needs for the development environment.

iMac: Best Big Screen Computer

If you are looking for a top-notch PCwith a high resolution screen, the Apple iMac is your first choice. Our development firm recommends a 27-inch model, which will cost £ 1749. Although this Mac is much more expensive than the Mac mini, but its investment value will be great. Just look at the impressive features of the iMacs: a processor - 3.2Ghz Intel i5 , an AMD graphics 2GB video memory card, and a 1TB hard drive, last but not least is the 27-inch IPS screen.

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