Become an IOS Developer

IOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and used exclusively in Apple hardwares. iPhones and iPads use this OS. Now an IOS developer must consider a series of factors before he can develop a proper IOS app.
These are some of the key points towards developing a better IOS based application.

Learn Swift and Objective C

Apple developed Swift exclusively for its operating system to replace objective C. To build your own app, you have to learn either Objective C or Swift. Over the years there have been debates on which language is suited better for app development. Considering its simplicity, Swift is often preferred over Objective C. But if you want to build a career in IOS development, start with Objective C because most apps today run on it.

Understand IOS System

Now that you have the prerequisite for proper coding, you must build a proper understanding of IOS development. IOS has a host of frameworks and tools that a developer must understand. There are various features a developer must know in order to develop an app. Features like handling views can be managed by Storyboards, xibs or just by coding, handling UI interactions, navigation, transition between views, inserting images, maps, links etc. can be done using tools or coding. Since most IOS apps interact with servers and APIs, a developer must understand how it is integrated into the system.

Know your Frameworks

There are a lot of developers in the apps business and many of them have come up with ethical and usable frameworks for assigning various functions in the app. Frameworks like AFNetworking and Core Data can be incorporated. There are some frameworks that have been already developed for usage like MapKits, Annotations, GPS etc. for Map links, Persistence frameworks like Core Data, SQLite, CloudKit, Parse, social frameworks like Facebook and Twitter and many more.
These frameworks will simplify your coding and make IOS app development a lot easier.


IOS development is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and persistence. You may get stuck initially with issues in UI framework or bugs while coding. But fret not, there are thousands of tutorials and books out there that will help you understand the IOS development in detail. Start collaborating with other programmers and get their views. A public GitHub profile can provide the people with an insight into your coding.
Follow these steps and you will have your own IOS app visible in the App Store in no time.