Leading iPhone App Developer: Mobile Application Design for Smart Businesses

Our digital agency is one of the industry’s top mobile development companies. We focus on combining rich functionality with outstanding designs. At our software development firm, our talented and enthusiastic developers and designers can handle any idea and implement it into a first-class smartphone application for Android or iOS that appeals to users and contributes to the success of your business.

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iPhone App Developer to Handle Any Task

We are a web and mobile design and development company that offers a wide range of services including mobile strategy, design, programming and deployment to supply our clients with first-class solutions that bring their businesses to the new level. Our headquarters are based in London, UK, and we also have many offices in other countries around the world. Therefore, you are most likely to find common language with our team

We Build Apps That Bring Value

We create applications that help businesses increase their productivity and grow a large customer base to sell their products and services. We strive to implement all the latest technologies within our innovative solutions and always aim at delivering software that is efficient, eye-catching and user-friendly. Here at our iPhone development company we work hard to help you design a stunning program that will change the way your customers experience mobile. We closely communicate with each of our clients, aiming at establishing long-term partnership based on mutual benefit. Our experts keep you informed about every step we take throughout the development. We are interested in the success of the venture no less than you do, after all this is our chance to prove our expertise and excellent reputation

How It All Started

In 2008, when the Apple’s App Store was launched, it looked very different from the mobile marketplace we see today. Mobile industry is a fast-changing environment, and when an innovative feature appears on one of the apps, it is very son becomes widespread. More and more applications has been appearing over the years, leading to a fierce competition in the software development business.

New Development Technologies

Each new technology provides multiple opportunities for iphone app developer teams. Our team always stays abreast of the new opportunities and implements these advanced features among the first. When App Store was first founded, there were hardly 500 applications. If you open the store today, you will be amazed at the number of applications, which now approaches 2 mln. The iOS mobile operating system has exceeded the expectations of users and iphone developer experts. Each new version of the platform, regularly released by Apple, brings many new features and functions, which our developers have to harness and incorporate into top-notch apps for our clients.

Android or iOS: Where to Start?

Although there are less devices in the world that run iOS than devices running Android, Apple’s App Store generated more revenue than Google’s Play Market. According to statistics, App Store generates for time more revenue per program compared to Play Market. So if you want to monetise your product through in-app purchases and paid versions, App Store is the perfect marketplace to publish it.

Play Store vs App Store

Have you already decided which of the two platforms to choose? The most widely used programming language for the Android operating system is Java. Speaking of Apple, the primary language for iPhone design is Objective-C. It is very similar to the C and C++ languages, which can give you a head start if you know them, but at the same time Apple requires every program to be approved before publication, while Play Store does not.

Software Development Cost

The difference is stunning, but the cost of development for both platforms is practically the same. So if you are going to invest money, why not invest it into the most profitable market? How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app? To say the truth, it is impossible to tell, because the price depends on many factors and vary from one project to another. It is impossible to predict how much time the team will have to spend on every solutions and there are also risks that have to be included into the cost. If you have an idea in mind but do not want how much it can cost, drop us a line, and we will estimate the approximate cost of your app.

iPhone Design Cost

The design of your app is an important aspect of the ROI, because it determines whether the product will appeal to your customers. Design is what stimulates conversion, provides for great user experience and make the users spend more time within the app. Once you have developed your outstanding functionality, you have to think of the design, because this is what ensures and consolidates your technical achievements. You can hire a freelance web designer, but the option for an iOS software is to find an iPhone app designer who knows the ins and outs of the Apple’s design guidelines. Designs typically come in packages, just like software development - you buy a pack of files and layouts that cover your needs. They include all screens, icons and and other graphical materials for your future app. You may be surprised, but you will need a lot of images, as the icon alone has to be made in about 4 differents sizes if you develop both for iPhone and iPad.

Approximate Costs

The rough prices and iPhone design are as follows:
  • iPhone only - $1,000-20,000 - for this money you can get a very basic design that you will be able to send to the developer to implement it in the code. Here is a helpful tip that may save you time and effort - ask the developer about how he would like the files to be named and do that before sending the files.
  • iPhone 6 Plus design - add 25% to the cost - all the images will have to be resized to suit the height of 2208 x 1242 px.
  • iPad compatible - add 50% to the cost - if you do not want to spend too much, go for a very simple layout and user flow. However, the cost will be higher anyway, because you will likely have to modify the functionality of the app to adjust it for the bigger size of ipad and its speed, which will require a new design as well. And keep in mind that most iPads have retina displays. Retina images can be really large, so check your the file size in the code before the implementation.
As we have already said, design is all-important, so do not ignore it, your investment will pay off in the end. It is better not to get too focused on the cost - think more about the strategy that will bring you the biggest ROI and invest in this. Once you have published your app, it will start paying for itself even if you do not put much effort into promotion, but if you do, it will soon start bringing you substantial profits.

Bespoke iPhone Design

Bring your most daring business ideas to life. The key to the success of any app development project is the team of professionals who will design it. When choosing the developer for your iOS app, pay attention to the set of skills they possess, because iOS design is a very specific field of the digital technologies. Our talented and ambitious team of iPhone developers and designers will develop your idea into a quality iPhone application with customized features and intuitive interface. Thanks to our broad experience in working with the iOS platform, we will deliver a solution that fits perfectly into your business persona and meets the expectation of your customers.

iPhone Development Services We Provide

  • Cost estimation;
  • Customer research and feedback analysis;
  • Software requirement specification;
  • Prototyping;
  • Quality assurance and testing;
  • Mobile marketing.

How can we help your business growth

  • Validate the viability of your idea;
  • Write a powerful code for the iOS platform;
  • Create a user-friendly, intuitive design;
  • Design business branding;
  • Collect user feedback with deatiled business analytics.

Enterprise iOS Development

iPhone App Store has been steadily growing over the last years as more and more companies wish t o reach out to the largest audience of smartphone users, developing their own mobile apps. Mobile applications not only give you an opportunity to increase customer loyalty but also allow you to collect valuable data about your customers. The high standards of software and hardware ensured by Apple have enabled the iOS to become the most sought-after mobile operating system. First-class applications and big profits will ensure fast return on investment and a steady source of income for your business.